Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We welcome players of every skill level from the seasoned rugby veteran to someone who just learned about the sport. If you’ve never played before, our coaching staff will prepare you with everything you need to know before stepping on the pitch. To the more experienced ruggers, our Division II team selects from the player pool that attends practice.

All you need to do is come to practice. Our practices are Tuesday and Thursday nights during the season (Check our contact page for time and location). Be sure to bring cleats, a mouth guard, and water.

Each member pays dues for the spring and fall season. For a rookie, your dues are $100 per season. After you have paid for two seasons, you are now considered a veteran rugger and dues increase to $200 a season.

Your dues go towards a number of things including field costs and referee dues. Not only that, but upon payment, you will receive:

  • Game shorts
  • Game socks
  • Practice Tee
  • Access to game day trainers
  • Social including food and drinks after every home match

We have a wide umbrella of High School programs coached by current and former Tradesmen. Check out our High School page to see if we have a program in your area. If not, send us an email and we would love to connect you with a coach that is in your area.

The game of rugby is a contact sport, however the injury rate is lower than a collision sport like football. This is due to the way players a taught to tackle. Rugby players use their shoulders to tackle and must wrap both arms around the person they are tackling. This controlled method protects the players heads and necks.